Thursday, June 7, 2012


So I post about not taking time to enjoy things,and what happens?? I have spent the last month with nothing but time. I have re-reptured my same disc I just had fixed and now am waiting for surgery. Waiting is the key! All I do is lay in bed and try and be comfortable. My back is pretty tender to the touch but the left leg is in unbelievable pain. After finally getting back to the neurosurgeon jami took me over, and it was an eventful day. After a melt down and how much pain I am in the decision was made to fuse my back and see if that will help. So what next that was May 24, I would be able to have surgery at a insurance approved hospital of the 22 of June. Are you kidding me that is 29 days away. Half my summer will be wasted and I have to be back to school full time the second week in August. AAGGH so I was sent home to wait out my 29 days of surgery hoping maybe someone Would cancel their surgery on the 8 th and I would get in earlier. Well her it is the 7th and no word. So I guess I'll continue to wait. Frustrated is probably the best word to describe my mood and attitude. I have missed all the baseball and Kellers first t-ball game. This is my venting post not a putty post but a venting of frustration. Feeling so left out, and alone. I had big plans for this summer. Plans to complete spring cleaning and Christmas break plans to make up since they all didn't get done because of the first back surgery. Well the good news is I am getting lots of reading in. I may get all my books in after all, and I can't wait til everyday at 3 for NCIS to come on. I also have started back Facebook stalking and realized my life really isn't that bad. People air way to much dirty laundry out on it. Thats what blogs are for right! With that being said my family has been fabulous. Jake has becoming Mr. Mom and he is doing pretty good at it. I guess I better thank him, and the boys have pretty much moved in with mom and jami. I actually really miss them. You know how when you are so busy you wish that you just had a few moments to take some time for your self. Well be careful for what you wish for I would love to be busy again. But I'll keep plugging along and hopefully the days will go by quickly. But enjoy your summer, and be as bust as you can and as stressed out as ya can but enjoy that time you never know when it will be gone!

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